Ogden's Basic English

Basic-English Institute
Dedicated to the expansion of Ogden's Basic English.

The Institute will support WebZines and Web Newspapers .

    A key component of Basic English is access to content written in Basic English. To encourage this, the Institute will provide free web space to zines and newspaper written in Basic English.

    The learner can read, write and even speak good Basic English within a few weeks. This gives the learner the ability to communicate his thoughts in good, though simple English. The entire English speaking world can understand him. But, for the Basic English speaker, the material he reads or hears must be in Basic English for him to understand all of it. Media and government forms should be in Basic English, and will be someday, because both native English speakers and Basic English learners can understand it.

    To get the work started, we will provide web space for Internet communications written entirely in Basic to get your WebZine before the readers. Send your ideas for a WebZine to discuss details.

    We also encourage individual writing, short stories for boys and girls -- children's stories for all ages up to those for learning adults.
  • Translation English to Basic
  • Spell Check and translation
  • 10-Minute HTML how to write web pages
    • Topics
    • Academics
    • Organizations
    • Hobbies
    • Young People
    • International
    • Basic Education
    • Translations
    • Regional,Local News
    • of particular value to an international audience.