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Seeking:   Director of Basic English Institute.
Date :     Thurs, January 22, 2009

Subject : Looking for Basic English Translators
Date :    Tue, January 13, 2009

Subject:   Integrate Basic English spell checker and translation with Open
Date :     June 26, 2008
Integrate Basic English spell checker and translation with Open software suite.
OOo uses Unix and C++. They have extensive online advice.
We have a round about way to do Spell Checking from our vocabulary wordlist
and have a Beta that works for a 34,000 word Translation Dictionary that works via the theasuraus function.
Your task will be to work with OOo to introduce Basic English into their mainstream offerings. They are welcoming to such "localizations." Programming must meet their standards.
This is a voluntary position that puts you on the ground floor to a federally planned project to introduce "small Englishes" for Asian commerce.   (more)
Project Catalog, #300 - E-Office
Our downloads.

Subject: Teaching Basic En101
From: En10ceo1
Date: Wed, May 28, 2008 12:16 pm
To: Basic English Institute
I have an online English teaching company and would like to teach your style of BASIC.
I am seeking some assistance from an experienced BASIC teacher,
Web site: En101.
Richard McCullough

Subject: We are looking for translators
From: Enrique
Date: Tue, January 22, 2008 10:01 pm
To: Basic English Institute
We are looking for Basic English translators with a specialty in evangelical and Bible writing. I have been approached by other writers and "translators", but I don't really know how you can judge them. Is there a certification or something? Can you take a special class online or at some college? Your website is the first formal modern point of reference that I know of. Anyway, please spread the word that we are accepting resumes for freelancers, part time and full time positions at

Thank you,
See : Spanish Link

"Our goal is to help companies and organizations to become functionally bilingual.
"This company was created to work as a bridge between two different cultures that need each other to survive . . . and succeed!"

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