This is an implementation of Charles Kay Ogden's Panopticon, also called a "Word Wheel". The literal meaning of panoptic is "at a glance".
The purpose of this page is to construct, at a glance using visual choices, simple sentences in Basic English.

The subject of the sentence is what begins The intent of the action follows
Primary operator
The activity which is occurring The quality of the Thing The Thing which is first acted on
General things
or Picture Things
specific or general
Relation between the Things
relations of prepositions
relations of physical location
The second Thing which is acted on by the first
General things
or Picture Things
specific or general
Finish up with one of
a qualifier of the action
AND/OR a connector of two sentences

Ogden's Word Wheel as implemented by John Derry v.03
Unless otherwise restricted, the right to use, copy and modify this implementation is being afforded to all by the author.