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Teaching and Learnings with the Terada Method
The Basic Teacher by L.W. Lockhart

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1 . ReadPlease® is a program which is sold in CDs and makes a change from letters to voices in a computer. These voices are in English, German, French, and Spanish and are able to be adjusted in volume, speed, duration, and speakers. Statements, questions and answers in Terada Method are put in ReadPlease. Then an American or British English speaker of ReadPlease shows and talks such statements and questions to a learner and wait until the learner gives answers . If the learner is unable to answer, he is able to see and hear the answer, which ReadPlease gives. It is possible to do it again and again. A pause, clear, undo, and redo can freely be controlled for self-learning. (more)

2 . Words, which are a key to each analyzed part of a statement, are given under Steps 1 to 11 in my guide to The Basic Teacher. But these key words are only for learners quite at an initial stage. The method of a self-learning is to look at each of the statements and questions by hiding each answer under a bit of paper and try to say each answer. This is repeated until he is able to say each answer smoothly. In this respect ReadPlease is a help to a self-learning. Free ReadPlease is still a help to a self-learning though the free one does not give natural English voice.