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General Reference
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Update Translation . A Unix programmer is needed to update our translation dictionary using utility programs provided by OpenOffice.org in Unix.
A previous volunteer created a Beta installation, then he disappeared. He said it was just running the Institute data throught a program on a Unix box. The program needs to be run each time there are updates to en-BE dictionary, these have been about monthly. The Beta is now two versions behind.
A step to be made later is to take full advantage of the features of OOo Theasurus. The Institute will need to modify the dictionary file and the programmer will need to make a few test runs through the Unix programs.

Automate Translation . We need a Unix C++ programmer to liaise with OpenOffice.org in combining our spell checking and translation dictionary into an accepted OOo native language. Then we need to make our translation alternatives become OOo spelling alternatives. This will dramatically improve the efficiency of translating. We currently have a spell checker for OOo. It highlights words that are not Basic. Adding the drop-down translations will allow immediate selection of a Basic expression to replace the non-Basic words.

Customize Translation . C++ programmer is needed to simplify IDP Companion translation program to only Basic English output, allow cut and past entry, smaller screen size, and a few other things to make it more compact and run faster. The IDP version was blazing fast up to 20,000 words, but we now exceed 40,000 and might improve response by simplification.