DEFINITIONS in BASIC ENGLISH English French German Russian Italian Spanish Japanese
account BE conto
address place yes adresse adresse indirizzo direction de Internet
align order yes allineare
analog continuous yes analogue analog analogico anallogo
archive keep record   yes archive archiv archivio, file archivo
attachment added to e-mail yes attachement allegare archivo adjunto
back BE ---
backspace BE words ---
bar BE Intl
base BE base base base base
board BE
body BE
bookmark BE words
boot BE start PC inizializzare
box BE
broken BE  
browser internet reader yes browser browser browser navigator
buffer short term store --- buffer buffer
button BE
center middle yes centre center centre centre
chat little talk yes causerie katze charlat chat
check BE Intl
clear BE take away
click push (mouse) button yes clic clic
client able to request of other computer yes client klient client cliente
code orders for computer yes code code codice codigo
column division down page yes colonne kolonne colonna columna
computer Intl-new computer computer (old) computer computer computadora konpyuta
connection BE yes --- connexion connexion conexion
control BE special button controle kontrolle controllo control
copy BE copie kopie copiare copiar
cord BE corde corda, filo
current BE corrente
cut BE
cyber- internet yes cyber ciber
cyberspace internet yes cyberspace cyberspace cyberspace ciberespacio
data knowledge for computers yes donnees daten dati datos
database place for data storage yes Datenbank database base de datos database
delete take out yes cancellare
digital by numbers, electronic yes numerique ? digitale digitale digital
directory name of file yes directory directorio
disk take away storage yes disque disk disco disco
diskette take away storage yes disquette diskette diskette dischetto diskette
division BE divison division divisione division
domain name of place yes domaine domane dominio dominio
down BE ---
download BE words take from computer yes trasferire
drag move yes
drop BE
end BE fine
e-mail internet post yes E-mail E-mail posta elettronica E-mail
engine BE processor
enter go, start button yes introdurre
entry something put on a list yes inserire
escape special key escape
field BE campo
file place for keeping yes file datai arcivio,file archive
filename place name datainame filename nome del file
fixed BE
folder BE yes
font sort of letter yes fonts ? fonte fuente
forward BE yes ananti
hard BE serious solid
hard copy BE
hard copy BE printed paper
hardware apparatus yes ? eisenwaren hardware hardware
head BE
help BE
hit be in touch
home page starting page yes homepage startseite homepage home page homepage homepage
hotlink net connection yes hotlink hotlink hotlink hotlink hotlink hotlink
href hyper reference, net connection, yes
hyperlink net connection yes hyperlien hypertext link
hypertext able to make net connection yes texte hyper hyper text ipertesto texto hiperactive
icon small picture yes icone icon icona, immagine icon
information knowledge from computer yes information Information infrmazioni informacion infomeshon
in BE
input BE words inserire, introdurre
ink BE inchiostro
insert put in yes insertion insert inserire insertar
internet system of computers internet internet internet internet
interrupt stop interrompere
join BE
jumper BE
key BE button tasto
keyboard BE words ? klaviatur tastiera teclado
keyword BE words
knowledge BE kenntnis sapere
label name of marker ---
language BE lingua
last BE ultimo
left BE
library BE biblioteca
line BE linea
link connection yes legame conexion
list BE liste Liste lista lista
load put on yes caricare
lock BE
lockout BE words chiudere fuori
lockup BE words
log record
logic reasoning yes logique logik logica logica
login/logon sign-in yes aprire login
log off, log out sign-out yes terminare
look up BE words
loop do instructions till a condition anello
machine BE macchina
mail post yes post posta postal
mailing list posting list yes ? mailingliste mailinglist elenco d'indirizzi --- mailinglist
map BE yes carte diagramm programma mapa
master chief yes maitre meister padrone amo
memory BE computer memory memoire memory memoria memoria
menu list yes menu menu menu menu
modem apparatus to connect PC to line yes modem modem modem modem
monitor display,screen,CRT yes ? monitor monitor monitor
mouse apparatus for input
pointer apparatus
yes souris maus mouse raton mausu
move BE movimento
name BE yes nom name nome nombre
net BE   ? Netz Net red
network BE words system of computers ? network rete red
netiquette rules of behavior yes
off BE
off line off line
office BE
on BE
online BE words yes on line
open BE aprire
out BE
output BE words output output
packet parcel yes paquet paket pacchetto paquete
page BE page page pagina pagina
parallel BE parallele parallel parallelo paralelo
park BE Intl parc park parco parque
password secret word yes mot de passe
path way yes
personal for the person personnel personal personale personal
personal computer PC yes personal computer
pin BE
pointer BE
post BE yes poste post post posta
press push yes pression presse pressa prensa
print BE
printer BE stapante
print out BE stampare
process BE processo progreso
processor BE yes processeur prozessor processo procesador
program BE Intl designsputer work yes programme Programms programma programa
project undertaking projet Projekte progetto proyecto
protocol approved design yes protocol protokoll protoollo protocolo
pull BE
push BE spinta
put BE
range BE
reading BE
readme BE words yes
real-time at the same time yes reale
recent not long past yes recente
record BE record
reply answer yes
right BE
roll BE
row line of things yes
run BE esequire
scroll roll rouler schriftrolle,rolle scorrere rollo, rodar
search looking for yes suchen und ricercare explorar
send BE
server servant computerters yes serveur server server servidor
shut BE
shutdown BE words chiusura
site place for keeping yes site --- site sitio
size BE
smooth BE
soft BE not solid  
software programs yes logiciel ? software software software
sort BE sorte ordinare
sound BE sonder
space BE espace spaziatrice
spam unwanted e-mail yes
start BE start
statement BE
step BE
sticky BE
store BE
support BE support supporto soporte
surf read internet yes
system BE systeme system sistema sistema
table BE structured data table tabelle tabella tabla
test BE test test test test
text wording yes texte text testo texto
thread BE next in list
tray BE
type division, order, yes type type genere,tipo tipo
undo BE
unit BE unite einheit unita inidad
up BE
update BE words yes aggiornare
upload BE words, put on server yes caricare
user BE utente
username BE words
value BE yes valeur value valore valor,valuar
variable yes variable variante variabile variable variable
virtual living only in net yes viruel virtual virtuale virtual
voice BE voce
-ware goods yes
web WWW, net netz Rete Web tela
webmaster net chief yes webmaster webmaster webmaster ? ? webmaster
website web place yes website website website site website website
window BE view finestra
wire BE filo
word BE wort
word processor BE d word processor word processor ---
work BE werk