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account BE
address ones place yes
align order yes
analog continuous yes
archive keep recordd  
attachment added to e-mail yes
back BE
backspace BE words
bar BE Intl
base BE
board BE
body BE
bookmark BE words
boot BE start PC
box BE
broken BE
browser internet reader yes
buffer short term store
button BE
center middle yes
check BE Intl
clear BE take away
click push (mouse) button yes
client able to request of other computer
code orders for computer yes
column division down page yes
computer Intl-new computer computer (old) computer computer computadora konpyuta
connection BE yes  
control BE special button
copy BE
cord BE
current BE
cut BE
cyber- internet yes
data knowledge for computers yes
database place for data storage yes Datenbank
delete take out yes
digital by numbers, electronic yes
directory name of file yes
disk take away storage yes
division BE
domain name of place yes
down BE
download get from net yes
drag move yes
drop BE
end BE
e-mail internet post yes E-mail
engine BE processor
enter go, start button yes
entry something put on a list yes
escape special key
field BE
file place for keeping yes
fixed BE
folder BE words yes
font sort of letter yes
forward BE yes
hard BE serious solid
hardware apparatus yes
head BE
hit be in touch
home starting page yes
homepage starting page yes startseite
hotlink net connection yes
help BE  
href hyper reference, net connection, yes
hyperlink net connection yes
hypertext abel to make net connection yes
information knowledge from computer yes Informationen
in BE
input BE words
ink BE
insert put in yes
internet system of computers internet internet internet
join BE
jumper BE
key BE button
keyboard BE words
keyword BE words
knowledge BE
label name of marker
language BE
last BE
left BE
library BE
line BE
link connection yes
list BE Liste
load amount put on yes
lock BE
lockout BE words
lockup BE words
log record
logic reasoning yes
lookup BE words
loop do instructions till a condition
machine BE
mail post yes
mailing list posting llst yes mailingliste
map BE yes
memory BE machine memory
menu list yes
modem apparatus to connect PC to line yes
monitor, display, screen, CRT yes
mouse apparatus for input pointer apparatus yes
move BE
name BE yes
net BE  
network system of computers
netiquette rulkes of behavior yes
off BE
office BE
on BE
online BE words yes
open BE
out BE
output BE words
packet parcel yes
page BE
parallel BE
park BE Intl
password secret word yes
path way yes
personal for the person
pin BE
pointer BE
post BE yes
press push yes
print BE
printer BE
program BE Intl designs to make computer work yes Programms
process BE
project undertaking Projekte
protocol approved design yes
pull BE
push BE
put BE
range BE
reading BE
readme BE words yes
real-time at the same time yes
recent not long past yes
record BE
reply answer yes
right BE
roll BE
row line of things yes
run BE
search looking for yes
send BE
server servant computer to other computers yes
shut BE
shutdown BE words
site place for keeping yes
size BE
smooth BE
soft BE not solid  
software programs yes yes
sort BE
sound BE
space BE
spam unwanted e-mail yes
start BE
statement BE
step BE
sticky BE
store BE
support BE
surf read internet yes
system BE
table BE structured data
test BE
text wording yes
thread BE next in list
tray BE
type division, order, yes
unit BE
up BE
update BE words yes
upload put up on net yes
username BE words
value BE yes
virtual living only in net
voice BE
-ware goods yes
web WWW net
webmaster net chief yes
window BE view
wire BE
word BE
work BE