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Basic English is a selection of 850 English words, used in simple structural patterns, which is both an international auxiliary language and a self-contained first stage for the teaching of any form of wider or Standard English. A subset, a complete language, yet with no unlearning to progress.
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  • Basic English International Second Language by C.K. Ogden. In German. Key book to the Basic English language.
    Kleer English project completed with publication of : "Kleer English Dictionary" 05Apr'14. Manorborn Press, ISBN 978-1-495-282652,   From Amazon: $18 + 4 shipping.
    Many new books added to the Reading Lists.
    Feds consider Basic English. Opportunity.
    Translation Dictionary version 0.7.
    This version contains over 48,000 words, derivatives, spellings, and senses -- June 29. This is pre-release of 1.0 and completion of this project.
    Simple.Wiki English spelling list v0.2 for Open Office.
    Simple English spelling list v0.2 for Open Office 2.4.
    Basic English Spelling List v0.3 for Open Office 2.4.
    British Council to expand Learning English.
    Job opening -- See member's area for translation offer.
    Be sure to review : Readings -- over 1000 pages written in Basic English.
    Two textbooks are available : "The Basic Teacher" with teacher's guide and "Basic Step by Step" with many teacher's notes.
    Translation thesaurus for OpenOffice is available -- English to Basic -- Beta Sept'06 -- by Carl Ray, Ed.D.
    "Toward a People's English: Back to BASIC in EIL" --Sept 2005 issue of Humanising Language Teaching by Bill Templer.
  • English Through Pictures - May 2005 Edition. available from Pippin Publishers, Toronto, CA, as a 3-volumn set for US $35 US or Can$40, free shipping. Paperback 4.25" x 7" ; 864 pg. ISBN: 0-88751-117-1. See texts.
    New summary : Basic English Compiled. Thirty essays : 10 descriptive, 10 favorable, 10 opposed.
    Reading (in Basic):
    Gulliver in Lilliput - a book for young persons..
    General History in outline and story.
    Carl and Anna - a sophisticated German novel.
        Reading list in Basic.
    Unix, C++ programmers are needed to integrate this dictionary into Word Processing software packages -- OpenOffice.org, Abisoft, EasyOffice, KOffice, others.
    Translators Jobs Registry starting.
    Ogden's Word Wheel version.03 released by John Derry. More on this rendition of the Panopticon on the education (teachers), learning (student) and development (projects) pages.
    ReadPlease (free download software program) allows you to hear your writings or classic works written in Basic English.
    IDP Companion - Internet Dictionary Project - provides standalone translation from Standard English to Basic -- 40,000 words !
        To encourage reading content in Basic English, the Institute will offer web space or links for Webzines written entirely in Basic.
        Committee for International Internet Wordlist is now forming.
        The original site of basiceng.com and its email address of manor have been discontinued. Please update your records, but never put email addresses on web pages because that will generate spam.
        An AP report of March 12 entitled "More time needed to learn English" includes: "It takes many students longer than three years to complete English as a Second Language courses, and that is when the state [Iowa] stops paying school districts for the program . . . To expend the cap to four years would cost another $2.5 million. To extend it to five years would cost about $5 million."
        One can observe that English as a Second Language is not taught as simply a pragmatic language course with the goal to communicate, but as a social/cultural program. Yet, what is the goal of ESL? If Basic English can be taught to a motivated student in one month, then adaptation to a typical classroom and addition of appropriate culture-content would require one semester, or at most, one year, to enable an immigrant to participate in a normal classroom. Savings: about $5 million each year and avoidance of a proposed additional $5 million -- in Iowa alone. If extended nationally, these numbers approach one billion dollars saving per year in public education.
        At the same time the immigrant becomes able to speak the International language and participate in society years more quickly.
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